How to increase site conversion with design

From visitors to clients: increase site conversion with design

Website conversion is commonly understood as the ratio of visitors who perform the desired action on a website—such as ordering a product—to the number of visitors in total. Read this article and learn the subtleties of web design that can help you significantly improve the appeal and conversion rate of your site.

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Top 10 Content Management Systems for Small Business

Every eCommerce business needs CMS. Why would you need one, though? To simplify, it allows you to change the content, design, and functionality of a website without touching the code or requiring any programming skills. Being able to edit the content as you like swiftly and precisely is very important whether you have an eCommerce website, a blog, or a corporate website. There are hundreds of services offering different functionalities, rates, and support. But what is the best CMS for a small business website?


CTAs for eCommerce Website: Best Practices

A call to action on a website is usually referred to what the marketer wants the consumer to do next. CTA is used in all kinds of industries: from TV commercials that want you to dial the number on a screen and order certain products to some charity organizations wanting you to subscribe to their monthly letter with the “donate now” button. 


How to build a Car Dealership website 

Modern Car Business swiftly becomes more and more about the internet: people look for, compare and choose cars using the global web. Internet presence is as essential for car dealerships as for any other business - people will rarely go looking for a car through all the local dealerships. But having just a web page about your dealership is not enough. You need it to be functional and good-looking too.  Such a website not only attracts customers but also makes business’ life easier. Following business trends goes a long way. A great comprehensive website is one of the best routes to ensuring you stand out from competitors.

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