Case study: Car auction platform

Design & Development

Young, fast-growing, international online car auction platform focused on selling cars within EU countries.

Project type

Development & Promotion


2015 - current


РНР, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS


Considering Customer's increasing growth and number of business partners, their simple and small listing website just was not enough.
The client needed next things:

  • Synchronization with a large number of car auctions

  • Actualization of car auction data

  • Functional data flow tools

  • Connecting payment systems

  • Neat, user-friendly design that would attract customers

  • The ability to withstand a big amount of data and users

  • Multi-language functionality to speak in a customer’s language

That’s when eCarsTrade decided to cooperate with TagFul, and we began to think of a solution.


  • Tremendous amount of data processing

  • Sophisticated management of tech stack under the hood

  • External integration and configuration

Project Solution

The best way to handle such a large project was to build from scratch, gradually implementing features, starting from the most basic revenue-generating ones, and continuing to more advanced aspects that help personnel behind the website do their job.
Back led by solid development expertise, our team delivered a comprehensive web platform with the next highlighted features:

  • Highly scalable infrastructure - helps to develop the project further, allowing the easy implementation of new features;
  • Custom CRM - specifically built for our client, with an ability to control and see all the information about cars (location, buyer, price, date, etc.) and buyers;
  • Admin panel with a lot of analytical and predictable features - ongoing processes control, fast response to sales, and automated standardization of the listings;
  • Accounting system API integration - automated outsourcing of accounting;
  • Created auction system including bidding functionality - fast and reliable;
  • Integrated payment system efficiency.


Partnering with TagFul since 2015 allowed our Client’s business to prosper like never before: With 5000+ new car listings every week, hundreds of business partners, and tens of thousands of happy customers, our partner is now one of the largest European car-bidding websites with listings and clients from all over Europe!

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